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Regulatory Burden


From “Social Licence” to “Social Partnership”: Promoting Shared Interests for Resource and Infrastructure Development
December 1, 2015 - Geoffrey Hale and Yale Belanger

With the new federal government committed to reviewing the approval process for major resource projects, a key focus should be on encouraging stronger social partnerships between stakeholders,...

Let the Market Decide: The Case Against Mandatory Pick-and-Pay

A proposal by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to mandate “pick-and-pay” television offerings for Canadians is deeply misguided, according to a report from...

Sticker Shock: The Causes of the Canada-US Price Differential
May 6, 2014 - Nicholas Li

Consumers should blame government policy, not retail price gouging for large Canada-US price gaps, according to a new C.D. Howe Institute report. In “Sticker Shock: The Causes of the Canada-US...

Registering in Harmony: The Case for Pan-Canadian Corporate Registration
February 25, 2014 - Daniel Schwanen and Omar Chatur

Canadian businesses face costly red tape when they want to do business across provincial borders; a problem that is hindering business expansion and economic growth, according to a report released...

Full Throttle: Reforming Canada’s Aviation Policy
January 22, 2014 - Benjamin Dachis

Canada’s airports and airlines are hobbled by federal government policies that send travelers’ costs soaring, according to a report released today by the C.D. Howe Institute. In “Full Throttle:...

The New Multilateralism: The Shift to Private Global Regulation
August 29, 2012 - Lawrence L. Herman

Global commerce is experiencing a rapid shift from government- to private-sector standard-setting for everything from product safety and quality to corporate behavior abroad, according to a report...

Ontario makes a hash of marijuana retail distribution: Globe and Mail Op-Ed
Ontario has announced that it will restrict retail of recreational marijuana to LCBO-run stores. Only 40 of these locations will be in place by next July 1, the federal target date for...
Kronick and Wyonch - Don’t Strangle the Marijuana Business in the Stock Market
Intelligence Memos
To:  Chairs of Canadian Securities Commissions From:  Jeremy Kronick and Rosalie Wyonch Date: September 1, 2017 Re: Don’t Strangle the Marijuana Business in the Stock Market An unforeseen development...
Sen and Wyonch - LCBO Workers Strike Is Not About Public Revenue
Intelligence Memos
From: Anindya Sen and Rosalie Wyonch To: The Ontario Minister of Finance Date: May 17, 2017 Re: LCBO Workers Strike Is Not About Public Revenue Ontario Public Sector Employee Union (OPSEU) members at...

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© 2014 C.D. Howe Institute. All Rights Reserved.